Leadership Through Resiliency


What We Are About

True leaders do not just perform well during the good times, they demonstrate emotional strength, courage, and professionalism during the most trying times.  At Leaders 360, we believe resiliency affects effectiveness.

What We Do


Resiliency Training

A resilient leader is a person who sees failures as temporary setbacks that they can recover and learn from.  Resiliency Training cultivates positive yet realistic mindset with a strong sense of opportunity during times of turbulence.  The goal is to help you move through the difficulties and get ready for the unforeseeable things ahead.


Communications Coaching

Verbal and non-verbal communications can make or break our relationships at work and at home. Communications Coaching fosters the art and science of how messages are processed, controlled, and delivered. The goal is to help you communicate effectively, authentically, and compassionately so you can build positive and trusting relationships.


Stress Management

Burn out is an important issue in leadership. To avoid burn out is to create balance. A leader is more effective when work life and personal life are in sync. A key component is to set healthy boundaries so you can manage the needs at home and at work. The goal is to help you become a well-balanced leader inside at home and outside at work. 

The Team

Mabel Yiu, LMFT

Mabel Yiu, Founder of Leaders 360 and Women's Therapy Institute

Founder and Coach

Maura A. Young, LCSW

Maura A. Young, LCSW


Kate Sutton, Ph.D.

Kate Sutton, PhD


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